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Persian Kitten Special

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Persian Elegance

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White and Silver Persian Kittens Available Here!

Welcome to Crystal-Ice, offering White Silver Persian Kittens for Sale in Central Florida. We have Available Silver Baby Persian Kittens for sale!

Crystal-Ice is a small in home cattery offering only the finest Doll Faced Persian Breed Kittens for sale anywhere, these bloodlines are available nowhere else. Carefully bred to achieve high quality and great temperaments, we strive to produce only the best. Our adult cats are loved and cared for, they enjoy the best food and care available. We specialize in White, Shaded Silver, and Chinchilla Silver Persian kittens. We also, on occasion, offer the rare Cream Chinchillas or Cameos. Our Doll Faced Persian kittens are CFA registered with Grand Champion Bloodlines. Pedigrees are always available upon request. Our Persian Cats and Kittens are never caged and are family raised underfoot. They are raised with children and dogs and are outgoing and friendly. They are playful, loving and adore being cuddled and loved. While the Silvers are small in size, they have big personalities.  Our cats and kittens have silky coats making it easy to care for them. Their coats tangle less and require less care.

We are not new to breeding, we have been in business since early 2000 so you can buy with confidence. We welcome you to visit our cattery and see for yourself! Parents and babies are on the premises, waiting for a visit from you. We deliver dreams one furry baby at a time. All of our babies are beautiful and healthy, blood tested and come with state health certificates and written health guarantees. They are all bred from feline leukemia, PKD negative and feline aids negative parents. We have no fungus or fleas. References are also available upon request. We accept PayPal and personal checks, and shipping is available in the United States including Alaska, Canada and Puerto Rico.

See what our owners are saying....

"...I just wanted you and Cherry to know that Arielle is the love of our lives!!!! We are so head over heals with her, and she is fitting in great with Fantasia!!!!...

"...He's very healthy and happy. Rupert has made fast friends with Ebony our female Persian, and Shannon our Kerry Blue Terrier. He loves to play with Ebony and with his toys. What a wonderful addition to our family. We just love the little guy!!!..."

"...You will be happy to hear that he has a WONDEFUL life! Now that Joe is officially declared “disabled” he is at home most always (and loves it). Therefore, Pesci is usually being held in his loving arms..."

Silver & White Doll Faced Persian Kittens for Sale! Blue, Green, Copper, & Odd Eyed available.

Persian Kitten Empire

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"Cats are glorious creatures ~ who must on no accounts be underestimated...
Their eyes are fathomless depths of cat-world mysteries."

- Lesley Anne Ivory

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